We had a late start today but still found good water.  I had the pleasure of spending the day on the water with Chris and Seth.  It was a cold day with temps never getting above 32 degrees.  The water was perfect, nice green color and good flow.  They had consistent hook ups all day and occasionally landed some!!!  Just kidding, they are getting better every time we fish!!! Here is Seth’s first fish of the day.

Not a bad fish.  Next up is Chris, here is first fish of the day.  Not sure what’s up with the crazy leggs?

They fished indy’s all day.  It was an egg bite most of the day.  We had lots of slush in the water for most of the day. 

Here is Seth with another fish.  All fish caught were the typical cookie cutter fish the Lake Erie is know for.  We did manage to hook some bigger fish but the fish won those battles.

Overall it was a good day on the water. 



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