11/9 Rocky River

Got out today with Chris and Seth for a half day.  We fished the Rocky River.  The water was dropping with about 10-12 inches of visibility.  Chris and Seth are both new to Steelhead fishing but are quick learners.  Actually, Chris is the best creek chub fisherman I have ever met!!  We managed to stay out of the rain but couldn’t avoid the wind.  It was a cold south wind with gusts that made good drifts difficult.  Fished the new SA Sharkskin fly line and it is a nice line.  It shoots and mends better then any other line I have ever used.  Although it makes a strange whistling noise as it shoots through the rod guides.  Didn’t get a chance to do any distance casting yet, I will update with how the Sharkskin casts at long distances.  Back to the fishing report….. Seth caught his first Steelhead today.  Was a nice female.  Seth caught it in the first 10 minutes we hit the water.  Even though we had a small technical difficulty Seth still managed to land this fish in no time.  Congrats to Seth and his first Steelhead.  Lastly…………Chris was 5 for 5!!!!!!!  ALL CHROME CREEK CHUBS!!!!!


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